If you are interested in setting up an Executive/Business Roundtable for your functional area or business group, please complete the form below and submit.  Thank you for your interest.

Few opportunities exist for functional leaders to share information, learn about best practices, discuss contemporary issues and challenges and, in general, collaborate with peers from other organizations in a confidential environment.  CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CHROs, CMOs, HRBPs, etc. greatly appreciate and value these types of forums.  Roundtables can be geographically-based, industry-based, company size-based, etc. and can meet face-to-face or virtually.  Membership is typically free - and the only costs incurred are to cover meeting expenses.

Connolly Clarke works with interested leaders to design and implement Executive Roundtables by partnering with them to identify potential participants, contact participants via a formal invite, and set up the meeting location.  Typical meeting ground rules include:

  • The Roundtable sets its own agenda and discussion rules.
  • The Roundtable typically meets bi-monthly - at a convenient time
  • The Roundtable is by invitation only
  • The Roundtable is typically limited to approximately 10-15 participants to ensure an opportunity for full discussion and participation.
  • Members may nominate others to join  – elected by vote
  • If a member is unable to attend a meeting, he/she may not substitute someone else to attend.
  • The group discussions are confidential and no minutes are taken – only action items
  • The membership list is provided to participants only.
  • No member is expected to “put in time” with organizational or administrative matters.  Just attend the meeting – that’s it.
  • Connolly Clarke serves solely as coordinator/ facilitator of the meetings - and gathers the relevant research in advance based on the topic to be discussed