Organizations most adaptable to change are most likely to thrive.  We partner with your team to lead, coach, teach and manage change – with a focus on ensuring sustainability – for organizational, technology, and individual change.

Internal consultants have the potential to be some of the best consultants in the world.  Through a structured approach, we build their consulting capability . . . along with their confidence.

HR Business

Partner Academy

Being an executive can be a lonely job. Roundtables provide a forum to discuss contemporary business issues with peers in a confidential environment



We take a simplified but customer-focused approach to strategic planning, transformation and organizational design.  The more complex the plan, the less likely it will be successfully implemented.  We keep it simple and actionable..

talent management/ Workforce PLANNING

There is something inherently unique to the HRBP role.  "It’s an HRBP thing".  You know a good one when you work with one – and you typically know if you are a good one.

They say 80% of all mergers fail - often due to people issues.  Effective people planning separates the amateurs from the pros.  We put our clients in the latter category.

HR transformation and optimization

Taking a fact-based, data-driven approach to building effective employee retention programs. Connolly Clarke's insights on employee retention featured in Milwaukee Business News.


​​mergers AND acquisitions

strategic planning and transformation

Connolly Clarke, Llc Human Capital Consulting

We improve HR, it’s what we do.  Transforming from an administrative to strategic focus. And no HR function is beyond improvement and no HR staff is beyond capability building.

Very simply, it is the elegance around attracting, retaining, rewarding, developing, and maximizing your greatest differentiator – your people.  Some organizations are merely good at it  - for our clients, it is competitive advantage.

building internal consulting capability