We partner with our clients to build the service delivery model and organizational structure to best enable the strategy.  We take a 4-step,  tools-driven diagnostic approach to organizational design - including organizational design principles, strategic grouping alternatives, surveys, and interviews. We provide an “outside looking in” perspective to strategic planning – driven by customer and market insights– as well as input from the function members themselves.  Additionally, our approach is keenly focused not only on design, but on successful implementation.  

Strategic Planning/Shared Services/Organizational Design.  Project lead for the strategic planning process, future state model design and change management infrastructure for the build out of a shared services offering between two Midwest-based organizations.  Project included a multi-year Strategy Articulation Map design, organizational structure, leadership alignment, organizational design principles, and implementation plan.

Business Transformation/Consulting Firm: Team leader for the business transformation for a Midwest-based consulting firm - including organizational structure, service portfolio definition, account management program, engagement management protocols, accountability matrix, career paths, role profiles, and competency model.

IT Organizational Design/Change Management. Team leader for the functional design and change management associated with rebuilding the IT function for one of the largest retailers in the US.  Designed structural reporting relationships, IT competency model, IT job profiles, journey map, and risks/barriers analysis associated with major structural change.

Organizational Design/Services Company Set Up.  Human Capital lead for the structure design and change management initiatives necessary to launch a Services Company model for a post-merger utility. Project deliverables included organizational design, communication strategy, workforce transition plan, and people risks/barriers analysis. Viewed as industry best practice.

Strategy Framework/Workforce Planning. Team leader for the design of a Human Capital Strategy Framework aligned to Corporate Strategy for one of the largest Pharmacy Retail companies in North America.  Defined the Human Capital Value Proposition, Market Differentiators, Business Imperatives, Critical Processes, and Key Metrics required to drive growth. Conducted interviews of a cross-section of key company stakeholders, facilitated focus sessions of functional leaders, and validated strategy framework with Executive Leadership team.

Call Center Design, Attrition Cost Model, Onboarding Process Improvement.  Engagement leader for the development of an attrition cost model and onboarding process design for a multi-state call center infrastructure at one of the largest retailers in the U.S.  Project focused on driving down turnover and increasing productivity of call center employees.  Estimated client savings of $5 million annually.

Strategic Plan for Transition from Public to Private Entity. Served as team leader for the design and implementation of the business strategy as part of the transition of a public sector (government) entity into a private enterprise. Met with Board and key stakeholders to develop the Strategy Articulation Map, detailed implementation plan, and overall success measures.

Finance Transformation. Served as team leader for the transformation of the Finance function for a leading financial services company. Scope included: design and implementation of a new Finance Service Delivery Model that focuses on efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance function’s key processes, the development of Finance cultural expectations, organizational design, Finance competency model, workforce planning, and the change management approach required for effective implementation.

Training/Education Insourcing Model. Served as subteam leader for the Training/Education Insourcing Model for one of the largest training and education centers in the world. Built the value proposition, defined the service offering and delivery model, and identified and contacted interested companies to insource training.

Strategic Planning/Chambers of Commerce.  Developed the Strategy Articulation Maps and 18-month implementation plans for two regional Chambers of Commerce.  Strategic plans were driven by input from chamber membership and Board insights.

Organizational Design/Productivity Improvement.  Primary subject matter expert on team effectiveness for a productivity improvement study of the self-directed work team structure at one of the largest copper mines in the world.  Productivity improvement outcomes included realignment of work teams, role definition and governance, incentive alignment, and management best practices.

Strategic Planning/Non-Profit Organization.  Developed the Strategy Articulation Map and 18-month implementation plans for a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that provides assistance to the disadvantage.  Strategic plan was driven by input from volunteers and Board insights.


​​Strategic planning and Organizational Design

Connolly Clarke’s Strategic Planning and Organizational Design services drive results through:

  • Strategy Articulation Maps
  • Organizational Structure/Service Delivery Model Design
  • Shared Services Models
  • ​Call Center Design
  • Voice of Customer Surveys/Interviews
  • Functional Activity Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Organizational Design Principles
  • Competency Model Development
  • Outsourcing Analysis
  • Team Structure Design

Our experienced Human Capital experts partner with you and your team to build your organizational or functional strategic plan - including Mission, Vision, Values, Market Differentiators, Strategic Imperatives, Critical Processes, and Key Performance Indicators.  We keep strategic planning simple by leveraging a strategic planning construct called a Strategy Articulation Map - which is a one-page, easy to vet, easy to articulate framework for building and implementing strategic plans and a key input into organizational design.

Sample Client Experience