Sample Client Experience

Our experienced talent management and workforce planning experts partner with you and your team throughout the full employment life cycle to create processes and programs that help you identify, attract, motivate, develop, and retain individuals capable of making a significant contribution to the organization’s success.  HR professionals understand that the talent shortage is once again upon us – and proactive companies are mobilizing now.  In addition, significant cuts in senior and mid-manager roles during the Great Recession have led to a heightened need for strategic succession planning. 

The Connolly Clarke approach to talent management and workforce effectiveness focuses on diagnosing critical workforce skills and competency gaps through strategic workforce planning, identifying key and core positions, developing succession plans, building HR programs to deliver on the business needs driven by talent shortage requirements, building the employer value proposition and employer brand, focusing on knowledge capture, knowledge transfer, and knowledge management.  Additionally, we focus on the employee experience – through the design and implementation of strategically-relevant, performance and rewards- driven human capital programs resulting in greater employee engagement and retention.

Lastly, from an employee development perspective, Connolly Clarke focuses on building your staff’s internal consulting capability through defined competency models and assessment tools (see Building Internal Consulting Capability) as well as hands on project experience.

Connolly Clarke’s Talent Management/Workforce Effectiveness services drive results through:

  • Workforce/Talent Planning and Analytics
  • Succession Planning Programs
  • Employee Retention Program Design
  • Competency Models
  • Career Model Design
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Recruiting/Sourcing Strategies
  • Building Internal Consulting Capability
  • Employee Onboarding Programs
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Employer Value Proposition
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • High Performance Culture Design
  • Knowledge Management and Capture
  • Workforce Transition Services

Talent Management. Team leader for a Board-driven HR functional improvement/talent management initiative (based on aging workforce implications) for a major utility.  Partnered with the EVP-Administration and HR Leadership team to design the new service delivery model, conduct HR activity analysis, conduct cross-organizational stakeholder interviews (including union), identify competencies required of new roles and build the change management plan for effective implementation. Redesigned labor relations role to better align with overall labor relations strategy.

Retention Analysis and Program Design.  Conducted retention analysis and program design for a Midwest-based manufacturer facing high employee turnover.  Administered an 8-factor survey diagnostic, mapped responses against a Retention Maturity Model, and built retention framework with implementation timeline based best practices.

Leadership Competency, Core Competency and Positional Competency Models. Partnered with HR staff at a professional services firm to gather input/survey leaders across the organization and worked with the Executive Leadership Team to build a Leadership Competency Model reflective of the top attributes required to be an effective leader at the company, a Core Competency Model reflective of business requirements  and company values and a Positional Competency Model reflective of functional requirements by functional area.

Workforce Planning/Skills Inventory Model Design. Partnered with the HR staff at a professional services firm to develop a Skills Inventory (based on Positional Competencies) which was administered to entire employee population to allow for greater utilization and distribution of resources across the organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Program Design. Member of core team task force that designed and launched the GROW (Growth and Retention of Women) initiative for a national professional services firm.  Scope included leading practices in mentoring, networking, employee benefits, recruiting, retention, and program performance scorecard.

Officer 360 Program.  Designed and administered a multi-rater executive 360 program built across eleven executive competencies for the Officer Team at a Midwest-based company.

Employee Engagement Survey.  Designed, customized, and administered Employee Engagement Surveys for an 800-person organization.  Compiled results, presented to the Executive Leadership Team, and built action plans to address areas requiring further focus.

Career Mapping.  Project leader for the development of an HR Career Map - aligned to the new service delivery model - for a leading energy services provider in Canada.  Career Map tied to HR competencies, skills attainment, and experience track

Succession Planning Program.  Designed and implemented a Position Categorization Tool to identify Key, Core, and Enabling positions across the organization. Positions identified as Key positions assigned to a succession plan – focusing both on immediate and long-term planning for a Midwest-based company.

Workforce Planning/Transition. Project leader for the design of a workforce transitioning program, (including staffing, selection, severance parameters, and strategic communications) which facilitated the consolidation of several subsidiaries of a major food consumer products company ($18 billion).  Developed and implemented a 30-60-90 Day workforce transition strategy.

Business/Cultural Transformation/Talent Management/Performance Management. Team leader for the development of HR strategic programs designed to enable the Business Transformation for a Fortune 200 utility.   Prioritized HR strategic programs included an enterprise-wide competency model linked to company values, a high performance culture, talent management, and diversity efforts; a performance management system aligned to business goal attainment and competency proficiency; a workforce transition program designed to accommodate the skills tracking and movement of impacted workforce both within and outside of the enterprise; and a comprehensive change management program.

Workforce Productivity.  Primary subject matter expert on team effectiveness for a productivity improvement study of the self-directed work team structure at one of the largest copper mines in the world.  Productivity improvement outcomes included realignment of work teams, role definition and governance, incentive alignment, and management best practices

High Performance Culture. Project lead for an enterprise-wide cultural alignment assessment for a Fortune 500 services company.  Assessed current cultural climate, identified human resource enablers and barriers, defined the future state cultural vision and conducted gap analysis. Process incorporated surveys, focus group sessions and executive interviews.

Talent Management/Thought Leadership.  Presented at state and national conferences on the topic of Talent Management – including: Effective Talent Management: The Future is Now;  A Field Guide for the Talent Shortage: Strategies, Tactics, and Best Practices; Succession Management: Do You Have the Leadership Capability and Talent for the Future?  Past member of the HR Advisory Task Force for the Canadian Nuclear Association – focus on talent management agenda for the industry.