Sample Merger/Acquisition Client Experience

Merger Integration.  Team leader for the merger integration of organizational processes and programs (including staffing levels, HR systems, selection process, organizational design, labor impacts, compensation design (executive and broadband), merger communication strategy, retention, workforce reduction, and post-merger cultural and workforce issues) and change management plan as part of an investor-owned utility merger.

Merger Integration. Primary subject matter expert for the design of HR processes associated with the acquisition integration of two regional gas utilities. Developed the merger staffing/selection process, cultural profile, organizational design, conducted human capital cost modeling and designed the post-merger HR function.

Merger Integration. Designed an HR business plan and risk/barriers analysis for a multi-entity financial services industry merger.  Plan addressed HR due diligence, merger costing, communications strategy, change management, and cultural alignment.

Cultural Integration. Designed and implemented a post-merger cultural integration program for the merger of two financial services organizations. Assessed several cultural drivers including Management, Communication, Employee Development, Change Management, Performance Management, Rewards & Recognition, Decision Making, Employee Involvement, Values, Roles/Organizational Structure, Teamwork, and Customer Focus,  Built and implemented action teams to address cultural gaps.

Acquisition Integration Footprint.  Designed an Acquisition Integration Footprint for a global manufacturer including a step-by-step integration approach and toolkit - from due diligence to post-merger implementation.

Business Integration/Workforce Transitioning. Project leader for the design of a workforce transitioning program, (including staffing, selection, severance parameters, and strategic communications) which facilitated the consolidation of several subsidiaries of a major food consumer products company ($18 billion).

M&A Methodology and Toolkit.  Designed a comprehensive M&A Methodology and Toolkit for the people stream of work for use by one of the largest consulting firms in the world.

Acquisition Integration/HR Improvement.  Project leader for a post-acquisition HR improvement project for a global financial services company.  Partnered with the executive team to develop the HR strategy, organizational design, HR activity analysis and service users’ assessment, HR policies, and HR competency model.

People Strategy/Post Merger.  Team leader for a People Strategy/HR transformation project for a post-merger Global 100 financial services company.  Partnered with the SVP of HR and team to develop the HR strategy articulation map, HR activity analysis and service users’ assessment, HR service delivery model, change management and communication strategy, and HR competency model.

Merger Integration/Thought Leadership.  Presented at regional and national conferences (including IQPC and AGA) on the topic of the HR implications of mergers and acquisitions – including: Reinventing Human Resources:  HR’s Role in Mergers & Acquisitions, Maximizing Human Resources’ Value in an M&A Process, and Retaining Employees During Critical Organizational Transitions.  Quoted in Executive Travel Magazine for thoughts on effective mergers and acquisitions.


Our experienced Human Capital experts partner with you and your team to take a tools-driven, methodology-focused and structured approach to managing the people side of merger integration  -- from front-end cultural due diligence to staffing and retention to workforce transition.

Connolly Clarke’s Mergers & Acquisitions services drive results through:

  • HR and cultural due diligence
  • Post-merger integration (HR components)
  • Merger project plan design (HR stream of work)
  • Newco organizational design
  • HR systems and programs integration
  • Employee staffing/selection models
  • Post-deal cultural definition
  • Severance package design
  • Retention planning
  • Communication planning
  • Change management
  • Workforce transition services